05.14 Cuddle Bunny Visit

Lola & Rex relaxing. Rex perking up his ears as he hears me walk by with my crinkly jacket. Another visit with some of my favourite rabbits. Lola, Rex, Pepe, Olaf, Anna, and Elsa. I was waiting taking my time to start since I arrived early. I snapped this cute picture of the boys lounging together and saw Anna & Elsa were the pair of free roamers for the day. I made my way over to say hello to Anna. Elsa was hiding under the nearby sofa taking a serious nap. It was 4 PM, so they were a wee shy of catching their second wind for the day. Anna is always quite relaxed. She and Elsa are 7 years old and bonded together sweetly. I saw Elsa pop out later during my visit and she promptly snoozed next to her honeybun. She was loudly sawing logs and I was lucky to make a video of it. It's rather close up so not much to see, but she was really in quite a fervent slumber. Her half-awake face was also really silly.        I stepped in to Pepe's pen to say hello. He was lounging quite

Lunch at Bonci

 Galvanina Lemon Soda paired perfectly with Pizza Arrabbiata al taglio, and a delightful Suppli Classico to go with it. I love Bonci. Lucky to have the only North American location...

Cuddle Bunny Visit!

I've visited something like five or six times, I've seen a few of this set of rabbits on previous visits, but there are some new faces in the bunch. I had to get a snap of this sweet bunch before I stepped into any pens. Rex, the continental giant, and Lola, the lionhead netherland dwarf mistakenly assigned female at birth (because it can be hard to determine early in their life. One of the staff loves mentioning this fact. I think it's interesting knowledge about bunny anatomy.). Rex and Lola are pretty seriously bonded. Rex is very, very, friendly -- especially friendly now that I've met them both about three or four times! They were either in a good mood or starting to trust me. Today, there was no one else in the building for the interaction hour. It was quiet and I think this also brought a good mood to the rabbits. I'm really excited to tell you about these two, but I've decided to post this in chronology of my visit. Kirby (rear) is a majour sleepyhead

5 Tracks 2023

I don't have a Spotify, so here's 5 tunes I really loved this year with links to the songs elsewhere. Gantz - Kintsugi ft. Pleasuremodel bandcamp Kahn & Neek - Sho Off (feat. Mez) soundcloud Drone feat. Nah Eeto - Ski Mask soundcloud this next one actually came out in 2022 but i heard it this year and absolutely rinsed it. quannnic - stick featuring kmoe soundcloud FREE99 - Evaporate soundcloud