05.14 Cuddle Bunny Visit

Lola & Rex relaxing. Rex perking up his ears as he hears me walk by with my crinkly jacket.

Another visit with some of my favourite rabbits. Lola, Rex, Pepe, Olaf, Anna, and Elsa. I was waiting taking my time to start since I arrived early. I snapped this cute picture of the boys lounging together and saw Anna & Elsa were the pair of free roamers for the day. I made my way over to say hello to Anna. Elsa was hiding under the nearby sofa taking a serious nap. It was 4 PM, so they were a wee shy of catching their second wind for the day.

Anna is always quite relaxed. She and Elsa are 7 years old and bonded together sweetly. I saw Elsa pop out later during my visit and she promptly snoozed next to her honeybun. She was loudly sawing logs and I was lucky to make a video of it. It's rather close up so not much to see, but she was really in quite a fervent slumber. Her half-awake face was also really silly. 

    I stepped in to Pepe's pen to say hello. He was lounging quite cutely as if anticipating my arrival. 

I got a cute selfie with him before he tried to romance my arm. At first I found his licking and honking quite cute. He started to nip and I began to think something else was going on... he was completely fixated on my arm and wrapped both of his front paws around it! I gently shook my arm to deter him but he ignored it completely and only repositioned himself. He didn't release my arm until he shimmied a bit and I twisted my arm out of his grip in response. Suppose he likes me more than I expected...

When I stopped into Lola & Rex's pen, Lola was dozing near the front. I slowly kneeled and motioned to pet Lola when he detected my presence, opened his eyes, and withdrew his head slightly. I manoeuvred to let him sniff my hand and he did, and he relaxed a bit in response and allowed me to pet him. It was a funny little dance of sorts, he started to relax a lot from being petted but seemed to dislike the feeling of letting down his guard around a human. I went to pet Rex a little and snap some pics, but mostly just to hang out with him. He's such a sweet big fella, although little for his breed and age! I couldn't resist giving him bunny ears since he most often has his ears tucked back.

Olaf was properly loafing when I got to his pen. He was not interested in too much attention, but he loved the cilantro I held out for him to eat. Lately, I've been breaking up the cilantro and resting it in my palm for the rabbits to eat. They not only seem to have an easier time eating it but also utilise my hand almost like a table. Instead of pulling the cilantro from my fingers when I hold it out as if sprouted from my fingertips, they tend to eat over my hand.

I'll upload some more videos I made during my visit over on YouTube at a later time.


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